Who Are We

Services & Departments

We are not the actors on the stage but we are the great backstage support team!

As Finance Department, we take care of all our income and supplier payments, credit agreements, long term contracts, management of financial statement and budgeting.  

We value our relationship with all our suppliers which provide us a great credibility in the industry with more than 30 years of experience.

We are not only limited with financial issues but also follow our employee affairs including social security, annual leaves and legal rights. Although we are not actors on the stage, we provide a stable and powerful backstage support which makes the entire team feel self-confident.

We are ready;

  • To control financial structure, risk management and cash flow of the company and report to our board.
  • To update the fiscal calendar according to the most up to date legislation
  • To audit and control the departments
  • To maintain our relations with banks and government offices
  • To organize our controls with financial advisor and our requests with company lawyer
  • To present monthly and yearly reports and budget forecasts to board members.